Mistreatment of Canadian Indigenous Women

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Assignment and


APPROVAL: You are to explore a topic of your choice. Prof. DeLisle

and Prof. Hu Pegues must approve of your topic in advance. And

thus, in advance of the paper due date, you must either meet Profs.

DeLisle and Hu Pegues in person, OR, submit a one-paragraph

write-up in advance (via Canvas) by 11:59pm Nov. 21.

TOPIC: A topic of your choice, which must relate to the theme of

Native/Indigenous resurgence. It can pertain to something we’ve

discussed in class and throughout the semester, OR, it can focus on

a topic not discussed in class. However, to the extent that the topic

must relate to the theme of Indigenous/Native Resurgence, your

paper will relate to the class. If you select a topic from class, you

must not simply summarize what we’ve already discussed in class –

you must expand the discussion of that topic. Because you will be

incorporating at least one outside scholarly resource, you will

inevitably be taking the discussion and analysis of the particular

topic to a different level. The exercise of this assignment is to get

you to look more closely, critically, and analytically at a topic of

your choice (one that has piqued your interest, one that you feel

warrants more analysis), and relating it to and engaging it with the

theme of Native/Indigenous resurgence.

Note: You need not have an argument or thesis/hypothesis

statement for the final paper. You must however be very explicit

about what your paper is in your introductory paragraph. That is,

what specifically will you be addressing? When describing and

laying out your topic in the intro and writing your paper, you

should inevitably be thinking about the:


is your topic?


does it matter?


look at this topic or


are you interested in

this topic?


does it relate to indigenous/native resurgence or


does it reveal about indigenous/native resurgence?

SOURCES: You are required to use 3 scholarly sources: 2 readings

from the class, 1 outside published scholarly source. You are

welcome to use more but you must have the required 2 inside and 1

outside. You are welcome to use online newspaper sources.

However, these do not constitute “scholarly” sources for our

purposes here. In other words, you are welcome to use these but

you must also have researched, identified and utilized another

published scholarly source (e.g. an academic book, academic

journal or article). If you are not sure whether the source you are

contemplating is scholarly, please consult with Profs. DeLisle and

Hu Pegues.