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In the spirit of the such an exercise, to present during Week 12, you need to write up your own original short (at least 500 words) story mis-using data in the most evil way possible. You can make it contingent on some sort of science fiction scenario or a stretch of what is currently available, but you must put on your evil thinking hat – or white cat on your lap – and be as abusive and destructive with data as you can, in whatever creative fashion you wish. Pretend current laws don’t matter. I’m sure some of you might be tempted to invoke the NSA – which is fine, but go beyond that – what is the worst thing the NSA could do with data? (waves to NSA – hey, guys, purely theoretical 🙂 Don’t limit yourself to the government, though. What could an Amazon do? What could a Google do? What could a Facebook do? What could an insurance company do? Every organization is capable of evil.