midterm eportfolio essay

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In addition to the writing examples you have collected and added to your ePortfolio, submit your reflection essay in the assignment submission area, so your instructor can give you feedback.

The essay should address the following:

  • Which documents have been uploaded so far?
  • How does one navigate the ePortfolio, and why is it set up that way?
  • Who is your target audience, beyond your instructor?
  • What purpose beyond the course might your ePortfolio serve?
  • What work still needs to be completed?
  • What have you not yet considered yet about your ePortfolio? Have you fully developed the design? Have you established which artifacts should be placed in proximity to one another?
  • What do artifacts demonstrate about your abilities as a criminal justice writer, and how are those abilities developing throughout the term?
  • Specifically thinking of yourself as a criminal justice professional, what does this portfolio say about your ability to write effectively in such a role?

I have uploaded my resume and assignments that I have done throughout this course and my deans list letter

Navigating the eportfolio is pretty self-explanatory one can click on the library to view all the documents in ones portfolio

My target audience besides my instructor will be classmates as well as potential employers

I believe that this eportfolio can serve as an insight to who I am as a student and on a professional level

The work that still needs to be completed in my portfolio will be uploading more completed assignments and putting the finishing touches to my eportfolio for a final grade and the end of this course

I have not yet considered how my eportfolio will affect me on a personal and professional level if I would get positive feedback or constructive criticism

I believe that my artifacts in my eportfolio demonstrate a strong criminal justice writer who is still learning my abilities are developing throughtout this term because I am learning skills that will help me in my career field of choice

This portfolio says that I am writer who can demonstrate exceptional skills and communicate effectively through writing