Midterm draft

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  1. What is the draft’s thesis? If you are unsure, let the writer know. If you don’t see a stated thesis, consider what you think the writer might want to focus on as a thesis in the paper. Often in drafts, writers work towards a thesis but don’t have one stated in the first paragraph.
  2. If the draft does have a thesis, does each paragraph explicitly support that thesis? If not, explain how the body paragraphs could be more effective at supporting the thesis. Look for relevant examples and details that support the thesis. Discuss these examples with the writer. If they could be used more effectively, then make sure to explain this to the writer.
  3. Describe which ideas stand out for you most in the draft.
  4. Do you see any missed opportunities? Places where the writer has a great idea that could use more exploration and development? If so, point these out and provide some suggestions for further development,
  5. What questions are you left with about the writer’s ideas? (List 2-3 questions)