MCS 542 TOPICS IN PRODUCTION: Non-Traditional Academic Publishing

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Rewrite your focus paper as if you were going to submit it to an online creative non-fiction outlet, such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Conversation, The New York Times Magazine, or another outlet you regularly read (or might want to submit to) for its perspective on society and culture.

Pick out (or find) a brief anecdote/vivid story that illustrates your point–make telling and explaining this story the basis of your paper.

List your theoretical concepts–anything you’re pulling from other literature or your own theorizing. Think of a metaphor or simile that demonstrates the theory by referring to something people are familiar with.

Bring in the first-person narrative. This includes using “I…” but also referring more personally to your thoughts or worries–even if you’re not sure you want to argue it as a point–and your experiences.

Edit down your word count. Aim for about 1000-1200 words or, if you have a publication to submit to in mind, link us to their specifications.