material mktg 320 complete course includes all weeks got course

Week, TCOs and Topics

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Readings/Class Preparation


Week 1
TCOs 1 & 2

Overview of Marketing Research

Chapter 1: A Decision-Making Perspective on Marketing Intelligence
Chapter 2: Marketing Research in Practice

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 2
TCOs 3 & 4

Marketing Research Basics

Chapter 3: The Marketing Research Process
Chapter 4: Research Design and Implementation

Case Study: Clover Valley Dairy

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 3
TCOs 4 & 5

Sources and Uses of Information

Chapter 5: Secondary Sources of Marketing Data
Chapter 6: Standardized Sources of Marketing Data

Case Study: Eddie Bauer

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 4
TCOs 5 & 6

Question Types and Measures

Chapter 7: Marketing Research on the Internet
Chapter 8: Information Collection: Qualitative and Observational Methods


Graded Discussion Topics

Week 5

Questionnaire Design

Chapter 9: Information from Respondents: Issues in Data Collection
Chapter 10: Information from Respondents: Survey Methods
Chapter 11: Attitude Measurement
Chapter 12: Designing the Questionnaire

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 6
TCOs 8 & 9

Data Sampling, Interpretation and Presentation

Chapter 14: Sampling Fundamentals
Chapter 15: Sample Size and Statistical Theory

You Decide Assignment

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 7
TCOs 9 & 10

Qualitative Research & Hypothesis Testing

Chapter 16: Fundamentals of Data Analysis
Chapter 17: Hypothesis Testing: Basic Concepts and Tests of Associations
Chapter 24: Traditional Applications: Product, Price, Distribution, and Promotion

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 8
All TCOs

Final Exam