Marketing Plan Microsoft Mobile

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Name of the Business:

  1. SBU:
  2. Contact details(including email and tel #):

(Note that you can choose one division or SBU or product of the organization, and/or one geographical area where you wish to work.)

Internal Environment 

  1. Organization’s marketing objectives
  2. Organization’s  competitive advantage
  3. Organization’s branding
  4. Organization’s positioning



  1. Economic
  2. Social – Cultured
  3. Technological
  4. Political-legal
  5. Ecological


Competitive Analysis

  1. Who are your competitors and what are they doing?
  2.  Describe the unique characteristics / positioning of your competitors’ products or services


Target Audience

  1. Identify and describe the company’s current customers.
  2. Identify and describe your target buyers/end users (prospects).


Market Research

  1. Research the current client’s wants and needs.
  2. Research the current prospects wants and needs.


State the organization’s

  1. Vision statement
  2. Mission Statement


Define/detail the

  1. Market size, growth rate, trends
  2. Basic market segmentation
  3. Customer analysis, including their characteristics
  4. Choice criteria Customers use to decide on purchases.
  5. Distribution Analysis/Chanel Management


SWOT Analysis

  1. Strengths
  2. Weaknesses
  3. Opportunities
  4. Threats



Marketing objective as a result of the Market research, SWOT, and Internal and External Environmental Analysis, including:

  1. Vision and Mission statements
  2. New marketing objectives
  3. New branding objectives
  4. New brand positioning objectives


Target Markets- by segments


Marketing Mix Strategy (include action plans with each specific strategy)

  1. Product
    1. Define what your company product/service is.
    2. Identify the products or services that your company provides.
    3. Innovation plan for any new product development / improvement and research.
  2. Price
    1. Define whether your pricing will be above, below, or equal with your competitors and
    2. Decide whether you will lead, follow, or ignore changes in competitors’ pricing.
  3. Place/physical distribution
    1. Identify the distribution channels through which your products / services will be made available to the target market / end users.
  4.  Promotion
    1. Describe the image or personality of your brand and its products or services.
    2. Determine whether your company will be a market category leader, follower, challenger, or niche player.
    3. Describe how you will use the Promotional Mix to communicate your product or service uniqueness to the market.
  5. Branding strategy


Suggested marketing organization structure with specific positions and job descriptions. Use the power point to develop the chart.


Implementation issues including

  1. Who is responsible for various issues
  2. how the strategy should be carried out
  3. Where things will happen, and
  4. When the different actions should take place


Marketing budget

  1. Staffing
  2. Promotion
  3. Others