Marketing Management Worksheet

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  • Discussion Questions
  • Critical thinking

  • We have discussed the concept of “The Wheel of Social Media Engagement” in Chapter 03, which comprises the fundamental drivers of social media engagement as five related effects. Discuss these five drivers with the help of suitable examples.
  • How can firms use customer demographics like income, market size, education, and ethnicity to market to their customers better? Discuss with the help of suitable examples.

  • When companies that sell coffee they develop their marketing strategy, do they concentrate on satisfying their customers’ needs or wants? What about a utility company, such as the local power company? A humanitarian agency, such as Doctors without Borders? Critically examine based on the concepts of needs and wants discussed
  • Visit the website of Kashi ( Using the four Ps of Marketing mix, critically examine how Kashi creates value for customers with their Kashi Bars.