Marketing Discussion

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Leadership is an essential element of an organization’s success. Yet, successful leadership does not look the same everywhere.

Read this Time Magazine interview with Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix: (Links to an external site.)

Now, take a look at this HBR article about the leadership of the late Steve Jobs: (Links to an external site.)This
is quite a long article but be sure to focus on the last couple of
sections which deal directly with the way he interacted with people at

Required Responses:

Using concepts from chapter 15
and the two articles provided, compare and contrast the leadership style
of Reed Hastings and Steve Jobs. Which of the
topics/approaches best describe each of the two leaders? Why? If you
could choose to work for a leader with either of the two styles, which
would you choose and why?

Don’t forget to cite all sources.

** I have attached the book that contain Chapter 15 **