Marion’s position , health and medicine homework help

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Here’s a CASE this week – to indepedently consider and then to discuss as a team:

Imagine that you are a school nurse working with Amy, 15 years old, and her mother. Amy is 5’2” tall and weighs 185 pounds and is interested in trying out for the drama club at school, which is putting on the play Peter Pan. Amy is worried that she will not be accepted and tells you that she has few friends at school. She has tried many types of diets since she was 12 years old but talks about her failures in the past and how she gets depressed and snacks while watching television each evening with Mom.

Amy’s mother, Marion, is a 35-year-old single woman who works as a paralegal. Marion’s position was recently changed from client services in the main law office to title search services at the off-site office. Marion has moderate hypertension, smokes, is 70 pounds above her ideal weight, and describes extreme fatigue in the evenings after lengthy computer searches.

Using the Transtheoretical Model of Change, apply the stages of change, and propose change processes to assist both Amy and her mother Marion in the difficult and real process.

Use the outline/prompts below to create an initial post to share with your team !

    • Identify which stage of change AMY exhibits (Precontemplation/Contemplation/Preparation/Action/ Maintenance
    • Identify which stage of change mother MARION exhibits (Precontemplation/Contemplation/Preparation/Action/ Maintenance)
    • Provide an assessment for AMY’s readiness for change.
    • Provide an assessment for mother MARION’s readiness for change.
    • What ACTIVITIES would you recommend for AMY ?
    • What activities would you recommend fo rmother MARION?