MAR 5819 Rasmussen College Marketing Canton Inc Marketing Plan Paper

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Analyze an organization’s value proposition.

Distinguish factors that influence buyer behavior.

Assess branding strategies for achieving marketing goals.

Evaluate current and emerging digital marketing strategies.

Determine the success of marketing campaigns using data analytics.

Create marketing communication strategies to achieve organizational goals.


You are the Marketing Manager for Canton Inc. Your company is launching 3 different products: soft drinks, smart phones, and headphones. You are excited about getting the opportunity to create a marketing plan for the new product. As the marketing manager, you are tasked to create a marketing plan for one of the new products. You understand that this is a large task, and you have been preparing months for this opportunity. You have so many ideas that you want to include in the marketing plan. The marketing plan will be written for the executive leadership team, so it must be detailed. You understand that in order to engage the executive leadership team, there need to be relevant pictures and images included in the marketing plan.


Select one of the products: soft drinks, smart phone, or headphones to create a marketing plan for. The marketing plan is to be a written word document with at least 7-10 pages. Remember your audience as you create your marketing plan. Include the following:

Executive Summary 

Table of Contents

Introduction of the new product.

Write a value proposition for the new product and describe the importance of having a value proposition.

Distinguish factors that influence consumer buying behaviors by creating a consumer buyer profile for the new product.

Describe the branding strategy and discuss how this strategy meets marketing goals.

Explain emerging digital marketing strategies that you will use in the social media campaign of the new product.

Provide an overview of the data analytics that will be used to measure the success of the marketing campaign.

Create a communication strategy for the new product, and discuss how it will help achieve the organizational goals.

Include pictures or images throughout to enhance your marketing plan.

ictures or images that enhance the marketing plan.