MANGT390 Embry Riddle Aeronautical Laws on Direct Payment Systems Paper

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Hey, I need help with an assignment. It is for a case analysis regarding direct payment systems and applicable laws and legal issues. It needs to be minimum 2 pages in length and with 2 references.

This is what the course is requesting:

Sally needs you to research a hot topic related to her invention she is working on. It’s a payment system that allows customers to order and pay at the table with their mobile device. The device will also enable customers to order and pay for takeout and schedule delivery or pickup. She wants to know if there are any laws that control the use of the device payment system.

This is what I am asked to fulfill.

After completing the text readings and conducting an Internet search on laws that regulate restaurant direct payment systems, write up your research on an Issue Spotting Memo that includes a brief synopsis of the applicable laws and legal issues. She also wants to know if the invention is solely hers or if the company can claim credit too. Include what the textbook covers about potential liability for the restaurant related to the invention’s use. Sally also has this helpful document on E-Commerce Payment Mechanisms (DOCX) to help with this assignment.

Provide Sally with information directed at how to determine the ownership of Intellectual Property between a company and an employee. Here is an example of some General Contract Clauses (PDF) that may be helpful.