Managing a Differentiated Classroom, writing homework help

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instruction will require students doing different things at one time.
In order to effectively differentiate your instruction, the classroom
must be orderly and flexible. This means that students are aware of your
expectations and structure, but they have the freedom to work according
to their individual learning needs.

Take a moment to review the following video on a third grade teacher differentiating her instruction for a science lesson: Content Differentiation in 3rd Grade Science (

After reviewing the video, answer the following questions:

  • How does this teacher lead students and effectively manage her
    classroom? In what ways was her instruction differentiated? Be specific.
  • On page 168, decide which of the four classroom environments
    this teacher exhibits based on teacher management beliefs and styles
    (dysfunctional, adequate, orderly-restrictive, or orderly-flexible).
    Provide a rationale for your opinion with evidence from the text. (Will be attached)
  • How does this teacher adhere to and implement the seven basic
    principles of leading students? Give examples to support your opinion.

Be sure to utilize the text to support your assertions.

Book Reference: Sousa, D. A. & Tomlinson, C. A. (2011). Differentiation and the brain: How neuroscience supports the learner-friendly classroom. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.

Video Reference: Teaching Channel & Simonson, J. (Producer). (2011). Content Differentiation in 3rd Grade Science [Video file]. Retrieved from