Management Theory and Human Resources

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This is a take-home exam. 
You may consult any written or on-line source; however, do not discuss
the exam with others.  Answers to
questions 1, 3, and 4 should be one page or less.

there is some question has to be by first person 

  1. Perform
    a job analysis for your job as a student in your current major.  Outline the method you used and the
  1. Write
    a two-page job description for the position of “University of Evansville
    student in your major”.  You may
    wish to use your text as a guide. my major is heath service administration 
  1. As a
    potential employer suggest ways that you might evaluate a person’s
    performance in the above job.
  1. Define
    “corporate culture” and analyze how the corporate culture at university of evansville has helped
    and hurt your performance in the job of student.