management PAPER EDITS NEEDED!! Amazon case study in text book

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I need edits on my paper. Edits needed are listed below

have some very thorough parts to your essay, but there are other parts that need to flesh out.



Completely Chuck your first paragraph. You aren’t providing an analysis of the OB step process. You actively applying the process to the Amazon Case study.

Intro…. create aparagraph of general background infor on Amazon…..and then lead into a succinct thesis.

For example “Amazon struggles most with X (problem), because of Y (causes) and therefore should Z (recommendations).

Your First paragraph in “The Case with Amazon” can be combined with the first in “Applying a 3-step…” These all describe the nature of the problem.

Then create a separate section for Causes and recommendations.


need three PEER REVIEWED articles. You only have news articles. (These are sources from the George mason database — thats the link if it asks you for log in let me know ill provide my credentials)