Management Information Systems for the Information Age, assignment help

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1.Read Closing Case Study 1 at the end of Chapter 3 (begins on page 89).
Answer questions 1 – 4 on page 90. 2.CompleteChapter 3 Discussion
Questions 1 (bottom of page 93) and 4 and 6 (top half of page 94).
Include references used, if any. Both writings can be in one document.
When saving, use your last name at the beginning of the file name.
Remember to use the written paper guidelines: Name, course, and date.
Use 1″ margins, double spacing, font size 12 and preferably a sans-serif
font, such as Arial. Apply the 4-C’s of writing: Correct, complete,
clear, and concise. Please type the questions and then the answers. 

The Book for this assignment is : Management Information Systems for the Information Age (9th Edition)