Management Assessment

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Answer these questions about an organization you are familiar with.

1- Does your organization have a Mission or Purpose Statement? Read the mission and summarize the key components or write the Mission here. Is the Mission broadly defined or is it specific? Does it seem to address all of the requirements for a Mission statement? What is missing?

2- Does your organization have Goals and Objectives? Are they linked to the Mission (same words as in the Mission, but expanded) or separate items (not linked to words in the Mission)? Do they cover the range of activities for the organization? What is missing?

3- Does your organization have programs or departments? Does each program or department have a Mission and Goals? Is there an organization chart to show how the departments and programs are related? What is missing?

4- Does your organization have a published budget? Is it organized around programs and departments? Personnel? Or activities? What is the total budget for your organization? What portion is represented by planning? What is missing?