lululemon athletica Inc., management homework help

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lululemon athletica Inc.

Jenna Beyer, Leon Faifman, Eric Ho, Miso Kezunovic, and Lance Olian

Texas A&M University

Please read this case on lululemon athletica Inc. and write answers to the following questions in a word document of up to 3 pages 12-point single space and submit it onto Canvas.

Case Questions

  • What are the key elements of lululemon’s strategy?
  • Complete an analysis of competitive forces in lululemon’s external environment using the Porter’s Five Forces model of competition. Lululemon is very small compared to its larger rivals, and how confident are you about lululemon’s prospects in outcompeting its larger rivals?
  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of lululemon athletica Inc.? What does a SWOT analysis reveal about the overall attractiveness of lululemon’s situation?
  • After reading Case Flash Forward 1 assess lululemon’s prospects in expanding into Europe and Asia? What challenges will lululemon face in these markets in terms of pricing, brand awareness, positioning, customer acquisition, distribution, etc. Within this context, address the impact of those factors, as well as differences in culture/business practices.
  • After reading the Case Flash Forward 2, comment on corporate governance mal-practices at lululemon. Corporate governance refers to a set of rules that determine rules of engagement between the management and shareholders on various issues such as shareholder rights, executive compensation and performance, CEO and executive succession, business ethics, etc. Do you agree with the board of directors over the decision to oust the founder Chip Wilson, and what would you suggest high-growth small companies do to manage the conflict between the founder and the board?
  • What ethical dilemmas has Lululemon faced over the last few years? Analyze the impact of the ethical issues, addressing stakeholders involved, consequences of the ethical issue and laws/standards that are relevant to the issue, if any. How could Lululemon have handled these dilemmas differently?