Looking at pairs of historical philosophers, justify why each would or would not support particular assertions.

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Please refer to the assigned document for complete and specific instructions.

The overall assignment purpose is the following:

Choose four of these six pairs

For each pair you choose, identify which figure would have agreed, with the assertion in italics below it. Explain why this person would have agreed with it,
and point to at least one passage in the primary sources to support your opinion. Explain why the other member of the pair would have disagreed with the assertion and point
to at least one passage in the primary sources to support your opinion

I. Giuseppe Mazzini and Heinrich von Treitschke

Humanity is sacred, all nations are sacred, and the best way to serve humanity is to serve your nation.
II. William Wordsworth and Adolf Hitler

Nature teaches that life is a struggle in which only the strong deserve to survive.

III. John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx

The two greatest dangers to freedom are State interference with our private lives and the tyranny of
public opinion.

IV. Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin

Democracy is the best political system and we have the most democratic government in the world.

V. Friedrich Nietzsche and John Paul II

We must look within ourselves and create our own truth and give our own meaning to life.

VI. Sigmund Freud and Jean-Paul Sartre

Our behavior is shaped by passions that we often do not understand.