LIU Netflix Marketing Plan Essay

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Using primary and secondary research, create an overview marketing strategy plan for a disruptive product in any industry. Feel free to use an existing product and work out at marketing plan for its relaunch. Whether its a cash cow, you want to re-energise or a dog, that needs to be marketed to a new marketing segment. Use what you have learnt in class to build an initial plan. Make sure to consider where further research may be required.

Examples of disruptive technologies of the past/current

– Netflix (which replaced blockbusters)

– Smart phones (replaced landlines, mobile phones, cameras, calculators, computers)

– 3D printing (replaces regular printing, building, or ordering parts)

– Virtual and Augmented reality (replaces trips/therapy sessions/training programmes)

The Marketing plan should be delivered in report format, clearly demonstrating the initial stage of research required by an organisation when they are creating a plan for a new product. Assignments should be no more than 2000 words and should clearly identify the key elements of planning a marketing strategy campaign for the chosen product.