Limited parking at Wilmington University, Executive Summary

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Executive Summary

The key to a
great executive summary is to state the problem and solution in the most
clear and concise way possible but with enough punch to grab the
reader’s attention. Include the 8 categories in your summary. 

 An executive summary is a concise statement of
the unique solution you have developed to a big problem.  It is a recommendation that you want an
executive to read. Usually it is the best-written and most polished piece of a
much longer document. This is because many readers (usually executives) may
only look at the executive summary when deciding whether or not to read the
entire document. In some companies, the executive summaries are distributed so
that employees are informed as to what information is available, and interested
readers may request the entire document.

your final project you are to think of an original problem that you
could solve using a MIS. Try to think of a problem you have and a system that
you could implement (“If only you ruled the world! If only!”). Please note an
inventory system may solve a problem but it isn’t original. You want to think
of an original problem and solution, you don’t have to know or explain the
specific “how to” at this stage.

is a very rough example. Of course you would have to expand on each section and
more clearly accurately convey your ideas.

The Problem: Limited parking at
Wilmington University.

The Need: Wilmington University faculty, staff and students need
to be able to find parking near the buildings that they are working in.

The Company: Wilmington University, a privately owned 4 year
university in Delaware. Nearby competition includes the University of Delaware,
Goldey Beacom College, Delaware State University. Wilmington University’s
mission statement emphasizes that they are student focused. This system would
make life easier for students, faculty and staff. It would cut down on time and
gas consumption by eliminating needless driving.

The Solution: Weight sensors will be installed at each parking
place. When a car leaves a parking space the sensor will indicate that it is
vacant. Faculty, staff and students will have a map of parking spaces at WU
that will display on their cars navigation system (GPS). Vacant spaces will
light up in white, while filled parking spaces will be dark. A fee of
$20.00/month would be charged for this service.

The Market: This
would be marketed to employees, staff and students at the University. This
system could be sold to other educational institutions, large corporations and
municipalities that have limited parking facilities.

The Technology and
: The basis for this system is sensor technology and GPS – global
positioning systems. Etc. Etc.

do not have to go into great detail about specific technologies or costs. Your executive summary will be
no longer than 2 pages.  In it you
must describe these 8 factors:

: What is it that this MIS system is going to fix? Who has the

  Who will this MIS system help
and why?

: What is the company where this MIS system going to be?  What is the industry this company
participates in? Who does this company compete with?  Does this new system fit with the company’s
mission statement?

: How is it going to fix the problem? What are you going to do
deliver to fix the problem?  How is this
solution going to set you apart from the competition?

: Who will this affect? Is there a market for this? Can this system possible
be sold to another market for a similar purpose?

: Who are your competitors? Do they have a similar system? Will
this help your ROI?

Technology and Delivery
: What is the technology you will need? How will it
be delivered? Who will be using it?

People and the Plan
: Who is going to execute the plan and why should we put
our faith in them? How long will this system take before it is fully
operational? Can it be phased in?

any other categories and information that would make an executive want to
implement your plan!