Liberty University Intellectual Property Legal Issues in Business Essay

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Legal Issues in Business (561): Assignment

Intellectual Property

property is a significant asset for most companies. Patented products and
processes are often the basis of a company’s reason for existence. IP must be
managed and protected in line with the fundamentals and mission of a company’s


For this
discussion board, respond to the 3 questions in the Business Ethics Flashpoint
8.1 in your text. Your response must explain how you balance the interests at
stake, including:

How should a
for-profit corporation balance its business needs with the needs of its

Lives depend
on products created by some companies. Do these companies have a greater
responsibility to work towards benefitting the consumer more than themselves?

Look at the
issue from a Biblical worldview. How would you respond if you were running such
a company?

Your thread
must explain how you balance the interests at stake, including:

Creator v.
Consumer in the creation and management of intellectual property

Profit and
return on investment for company owners/shareholders

existence of the company

intellectual property of the company

Needs of
patients, practitioners, and society

e.g., Fitzgerald, M. (2019, August 19). CEOs of nearly 200 companies say
shareholder value is no longer main objective. CNBC.
Retrieved from…

support and guidance for your positions

Any other
legal and ethical concepts you believe may be relevant

Your thread
must be at least 1,000 words and be supported with a minimum of 3 scholarly
sources other than the course textbook and materials, with current APA
citations. A Biblical worldview must be integrated.

****Google-McGraw Hill****….My account information login is and the password
is Tollfree8 **** (Log in and scroll
down to Legal Issues in Business 561 click on that link in order to complete
this assignment) once your inside the book Scroll down to week five and click: chapter 8: Real,
Personal, and Intellectual Property

down to LO 8-1 click on that to start to answer the questions in the

sure to skim through LO 8-1 all the way through LO 8-7 to fully help you understand


Accounting for Decision Making (601):
Assignment #2

When are
companies likely to use a job costing system or process costing system?
Describe the specific characteristics of each system and provide at least 2

*****Again, Google
McGraw Hill and then sign in using and the password is Tollfree8. Click on book Acc 601. Once your in the book Read/Skim through chapters 8 and chapters 9 in order to complete/Answer this

It is at least
200-400 words with three Scholarly Journal Articles.


Below were some
of the discrepancies from each class assignment that my professors took points
off for on the right of the screen shot under FEED BACK TO LEARNER (This is what my professors stated in each class)

ACCT 601:

Feedback to Learner 6/8/20 8:53 PM


You have a good paper but there are missing contents. For example, you did not describe the chosen company. There are issues with the SWOT analysis and the BSC. Also, you do not have a conclusion. Review the paper for more comments.

BUSI 561:

Feedback to Learner6/12/20 3:36 AM

Substantive Analysis: Good points comparing/contrasting residential and commercial leases.

You make several interesting points in answering questions 2 and 3 but I do not see your research to back up your opinions.-6

Same for question 5: good point on mediation and the courts. Please provide research to back these up. -4

Completeness and Relevant Issues: Good job on the lease provisions and analysis.

Legal research: Good use of Glover and Nwogugu.

Scripture: Good application of Psalm 112.

I do not see at least two integration of biblical principles. -5

APA 9.42: please include the translation used in scripture application. A proper citation is translation, year of original publication, most recent publication (if different), then chapter and verse.Do not include page numbers (New International Version, 1973/2011, James 4:3)

APA 9:42: Include Scripture in the Reference list like a book without an author.New International Version. (2011). Biblica, Inc. (Original work published 1973) -1

Grammar/Spelling: Very good.

APA Citation Compliance: Good.

Please consider adding page, paragraph or other location information on paraphrase, per APA 8.23. It can be important, especially on legal sources, to be able to see information in context for reply discussions.

Word Count: Good.

Again Rob you did an excellent job, Idk what the hell more these professors want but that is just a heads up so when you get a chance to knock these next two papers out please make sure to emphasize those things…Thanks again brother!!