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Watch the video titled “Questionable Traffic Stops Caught On Video” (5 min 17 s), found on YouTube’s Website, located at Be prepared to discuss.

Identify the key factors that make policing and adjudicating transnational crime so difficult. Suggest one (1) strategy that a policing organization could utilize to address at least one (1) of these factors. Provide a rationale for your response.

From the e-Activity, imagine you are the police chief being questioned in the video. Determine the degree to which the traffic stops initiated would constitute police corruption. Give an example of a policy that you would implement as chief in order to combat corruption. Provide support for your rationale.


Transnational crimes are illegal businesses that are executed by more than one country for their own unlawful gain. Some examples are drug trafficking, money laundering human trafficking and cyber crime. One difficulty is that policing must reach beyond national borders seeking out and aim for these crimes and criminals. Another difficulty is that these crimes are increasing rapidly and their mobility is growing. One strategy is to try and cooperate with every country’s law enforcement agencies to keep track and find these criminals. This can make it easier for each other to capture these criminals and get rid of this crime.Another strategy is to have a separate group to handle such crimes. This could help us not loose focus on these crimes and help the time capsule of when we do capture these criminals to a minimum.