LA 498 Liberal Arts Capstone Course

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Overwhelmed this week. Looking for someone to answer the assignment below.

Initial Post:

Why does academic integrity matter? You must frame your position within the context of ethical theory and cross-cultural research. Substantiate your position by integrating cited evidence from at least two scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources. We’ve provided a link to one source to jump-start your thinking.

Organize your work properly in multiple paragraphs (just as you would a brief essay) and cite your work properly using APA format. In 300-400 words, post your contribution by 11:59 PM ET Wednesday, addressing the following:

Identify the integrity issues presented in the “Smart Strategy or Slippery Slope” case study.

  1. What are the ethical implications of such behavior?
  2. How might cultural differences affect perceptions of academic and professional integrity?
  3. How might these same perceptions carry over into the workplace?

Smart Strategy or Slippery Slope?

A student thinks the degree “is just a piece of paper” needed to get a better job. The student decides to outsource capstone assignments, sends weekly materials to a ghostwriter saying “follow the instructions, don’t plagiarize, and don’t miss the deadlines.” She submits the assignments and gets good grades, until the ghostwriting arrangement is discovered. When confronted, the student has difficulty understanding what she has done wrong, since the work she submitted is original. After all, she says, successful business professionals know how to delegate tasks to achieve success.


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