kim wood assignnment 7




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Defense Mechanisms




This activity will help you to better understand how people use defense mechanisms on a daily basis as a coping strategy.  Define the following defense mechanisms and provide examples of how you or someone you know has used each of these in the recent past.


  1. Displacement
  2. Sublimation
  3. Project Reaction Formation
  4. Regression
  5. Rationalization
  6. Repression
  7. Denial
  8. Intellectualization




Complete and submit the assignment in a 2 to 3 page document.










Respond to the prompt below.  Follow APA guidelines and include a title page, citations, and references.  Please utilize LIRN to help you get started with your search.  You may visit the Academic Resource Center for a guide on how to utilize LIRN successfully.




Choose three concepts from Module 7 that you have found most interesting.  Your submission must be at least 2 pages in length.  Complete the following:


1.   Describe each concept.


2.   Explain the application each has to modern psychology or ‘real life.’