Julius, Cassius, or Antony?

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Julius, Cassius, or Antony?

For this assignment, you will choose one of the above characters and write an analysis. The assignment in total will be 3-4 paragraphs total, and you will need to follow the instructions below.

PARAGRAPH #1: Identify which character you have chosen and why this individual is of interest to you. (3-4 sentences at most)

PARAGRAPH #2/3: This may end up being one or two paragraphs, but identify and discuss the strengths and flaws of the character that you have chosen. Provide examples (you do not need direct quotes/citations) that support your analysis. (Each paragraph should be 8-10 sentences or slightly longer if you write only one paragraph.)

PARAGRAPH 4: Identify another individual, either historical or someone famous in present times, whose qualities remind you of the character you have chosen. Discuss one of that individual’s qualities and draw parallels to the character in the play that you discuss (Example: You could draw a parallel between Julius Caesar and John F. Kennedy.). For this paragraph, you do not need to write more than 6-8 sentences, and you may write it as a conclusion if you wish.