Job order costing is expense monitoring tool, writing homework help

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Job Order Costing 

Job order costing is expense monitoring tool that is used to check all the direct and indirect expenses related production of goods and services and meeting the end client requirement. It can be used by variety of business houses that includes 

Manufacturing Companies 

Manufacturing organizations consolidate occupation request costing as a method for controlling use of direct materials, direct labour and work hours. 

White Collar Businesses 

Organizations in the professional segment of business, including law offices, accounts organizations and private investment organizations, can use occupation request costing to oversee individual client accounts 

Medical Services Businesses 

Medical service companies, including clinics, small doctor’s chamber and restorative charging organizations, can utilize job costing to consider every patient or bill as an individual employment. 

Film Studios/Retail Companies 

Retail organizations, including attire makers and retail outlets, utilize job costing to track offers of apparel by size, individual articles and more extensive styles. 

Benefits and Limitation 


Profitability: The job costing framework permits you to allot costs independently to individual operations and figure the overall revenue you’ll be getting on each one employment. Thus, you can choose which operations are more gainful for creating a particular item. In spite of the fact that this specific capacity demonstrates that the framework is suitable particularly for the organizations that handle custom requests, it might be utilized by any maker who needs to get nitty gritty facts in regards to individual assembling operations. 

Execution: A job request costing framework additionally empowers you to survey the execution of your representatives. Dissimilar to process costing, which learns the characteristics of a whole workgroup or office, occupation request costing gives sufficient data to help you assess singular execution information regarding benefit, effectiveness, and expense control. With the assistance of this device, you can distinguish the workers who neglect to meet execution desires. 

Accessibility: The job costing framework gives access to the costs brought about on each one employment, actually amid the assembling methodology. This provides for you the chance to check costs one by one, distinguish all the things included, and comprehends why they happened. Taking into account your discoveries, you can create particular techniques to control expenses better later on.


•Job order costing needs a lot of administrative work in recording material issue, wage reckoning and instalment and overhead charges. 

•Ascertainment of overhead rate needs portion and allotment of the overheads from administration division to generation office by utilizing sensible parameters like selecting a suitable premise. 

•Strict control of expenses connected with work is troublesome since overheads are designated on estimation.


•Alan Reinstein, Mohammed E. Bayou, (1997) “Product costing continuum for managerial decisions”, Managerial Auditing Journal, Vol. 12 Iss: 9, pp.490 – 497


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