its stupid stats computer programing problem

I have no idea how to program this piece of crap.  I can do the damn math calculations, but I HAVE to simulate this using a computer.  I have no programming experience and the teacher didn’t teach us how to use a damn math calculation program.  NOT EVEN ONCE.  

Use at least 10000 simulations to answer the following questions. 

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1. Suppose Xi for i=1, 2, 3… has Uniform (0,1) distribution.


A. Let M = min (n: X1 + X2 + … + Xn> 1). Find E (M) by simulation. 


B. Let N = min (n+1: Xn > Xn+1). Find E (N) by simulation.


2. Toss a pair of fair dice. If you get any double stop and lose. Otherwise keep tossing. If any sum gets repeated before getting any doubles stop and win.


A. Find the probability of winning


B. Find the expected number of tosses per game.