Issues involved with corporate reporting and the driving forces

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TASK (1) (700 words)

Learning outcome covered: The Demand and Supply of accounting information 

identify different users of accounting of accounting information and discuss the varying information need of these users. 

Note : To achieve higher grades you will have to discuss in depth, the conflicting interest of different users groups in their information need . 

TASK (2) (700 words)

Learning outcome covered: Financial Reporting Framework including its strengths and weaknesses. 

It is important that financial reporting be subject to rules and regulations. The rules and regulations which apply are commonly referred to as the ‘regulatory framework’.

(a) Explain the need for regulation in the context of financial reporting and explain why it is important.

(b) Discuss in depth strengths and weaknesses of financial reporting framework.

TASK (3) (700 words ) 

 Learning outcome covered: Reporting for small and medium sized entities 

discuss the importance of IFRS for SMEs based on the article ( As per research teaching nexus of your course hand book ). “A focus on the international financial reporting standard for small to medium-sized entities” 

the article can be accessed on :

  • Requirments :- 
  1. the answer must 700 words for every question .
  2. the assignment must include introduction and conclusion (200 words ) .
  3. the total equal (2100 words).
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  5. for task (3) just paraphrase and summarise  the article and add some additional information.