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– IT Management

Type of service:
Research Paper

Double spacing

Paper format:

Number of pages:
4 pages

Number of sources:
4 sources

Paper detalis:

You are working, hypothetically, for a medium-to-large aviation-related enterprise. Because of your expertise, you
were placed in a management position. Now your superiors expect results!
Upper management has tasked you to investigate and evaluate five
differentIS solutions. In your role as an employee at a medium-to-large
aviation-related business, it’s time to drill down to the specifics for
two of the Management Information Systems you selected. As you perform
research and compose your data, remember that you are in a mid-to-upper
level management position and have significant decision-making influence
with your company.

Provide details regarding how the departments in your organization could
benefit from the implementation of the Information System (IS)
technologies that you are studying in this course. Some departments to
consider are Human Resources, Information Technology, Maintenance,
Marketing, Operations, Reservations, and Sale. Distinguishing how the
ISs will benefit your company, Provide details and examples of
applications and solutions offered by retail vendors. Describe the
framework for each solution that the internal staff of your company
might develop and implement. Resent an account of the strengths,
weaknesses, and cost considerations for those solutions. Finally,
identify and describe how a solution can provide a competitive
advantage, influence strategy, affect organizational performance, and
increase operational efficiency.

•Begin the Body of the Text section with the centered title of the
paper.•Follow the title of the paper with a brief paragraph consisting
of 4-5 sentences that introduces the need for IS solutions in your
company. •Submit researched scholarly data for TWO of the IS-related
solutions that you selected.•Submit a minimum of TWO full pages of
double-spaced text in the Body of the Text section for EACH IS-related
solution. The MINIMUM number of submitted pages in the Body of the Text
section is FOUR full pages. The Title, Abstract,Reference List pages,and
the paragraph consisting of 4-5 sentences that introduce the need for
IS-related solutions in your company are not considered part of the
“FOUR full pages” in the Body of the Text section requirement.•Precede
the paragraphed data for each topic in the Body of the Text section with
the centered-title of the topic. A minimum of TWO primary reference
sources outside of the course textbook are required to be cited and
referenced in the document submission(ONE per topic).

Please use the two IS-related solutions:
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Cloud Computing