introduction congratulations you have been hired instructional director nature center where


Congratulations, you have been hired as the Instructional Director Nature Center where you live. As part of your duties, you are required to create informational brochures about the flora and fauna found in America. For your first assignment as the Instructional Director, you have been asked to produce a brochure to aid park patrons in the identification of seven of the most common poisonous mushrooms of North America. You can create the brochure in Microsoft Word or any other Word Processing program. You can use images and text to create your brochure. Be sure to cite your references.

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In this assignment you will research seven poisonous mushrooms where you live and provide a detailed description of each one using the resources provided. To complete this assignment you must provide:


The common name and scientific name of each species.


A picture of each species.


At least 7 identifying characteristics of each species.

Process & Resources

In order to complete this project you will need a step-by-step process for researching fungi as well as an outline for your brochure.


Intro to Fungi


Reference Materials





In this lesson you learned both the common and scientific names of five poisonous species of mushroom in North America. You have also learned the identifying characteristics of each mushroom and used a picture of each to reinforce these characteristics.

Read chapter 8 Before you do this assignment. 500 word minimum and two source minimum.