Intro to media and society quiz

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Questions 10

Question 1 4 pts

We covered some of the implications of the Disney/Fox merger in an earlier module. Take a position and make an argument for or against this newly completed merger, using course material to support your point.

Question 2 4pts

The book makes an argument that you should take a media literacy approach to your media consumption. What does that mean, and what is wrong with that argument?

Question 3 4pts

How would the “Semantic Web” (or Web 3.0) be structured compared to the current framework of the Web, and what are the implications of such a change from a personal privacy point of view?

Question 4 4 pts

What is the “next-step reality” approach that dominates media content? Why does media content conform to this next-step reality? If content follows a next-step reality approach, what sort of media effects would we expect to see in audiences?

Question 5 4 pts

Of the audience segmentation strategies we’ve covered, which do you believe holds the most promise and why? (Note: there is not necessarily one strategy that is the “right” answer here, I’m more interested in the argument you make in favor of the strategy you chose. Keep in mind the reason(s) for segmentation in the first place; the end goal should certainly influence the argument you make.)

Question 6 4 pts

What is the journalistic value of objectivity, and why did that come to be the norm in the United States?

Question 7 4 pts

Suppose that in the lead up to the 2020 Presidential election, the news media focus heavily on the economy. How might that influence which candidate people vote for? (hint: focus on political priming/agenda setting as we discussed in class)

Question 8 4 pts

In general, what needs to occur for a new technology to advance beyond the innovation stage of development? Then apply your answer specifically to 3-D television (which, it could be argued, is still in the innovation stage). What needs to happen for 3-D TV to advance fully into the penetration stage?

Question 9 4 pts

What are the pros and cons (from the viewer’s perspective) of consuming media in a state of automaticity?

Question 10 4 pts

Where (city, state/country) are you taking this class this summer? If you’re moving around and are in multiple places over the six weeks, list the different places. [full credit here just for answering the question.]