Interpersonal Communications, assignment help

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Purpose of the Paper

All of us, no matter how learned or skilled in the field of
communication, still experience problems communicating interpersonally
with others to some degree, so we need to find ways to increase our
competence as communicators. By completing this paper I hope you will
gain both confidence and ability to more effectively deal with
interpersonal communication problems in the future.

Specifics of the Paper

In this paper, you will: (1) describe an aspect of
interpersonal communication that you recognize as being an area of
needed improvement for yourself, (2) use theories and concepts from our
textbook and/or class lectures to analyze why you might
encounter some of the communication problems that you experience, (3)
again, using theories and concepts from reading and/or online lectures, describe an action plan for improving communication competence in that area that you’ve discussed.

Selecting a Topic Area

One way to proceed with this paper is to think of situations where
you find it difficult to engage in communication or to achieve your
communication goals. For example, maybe you find it difficult not to
compete during interpersonal conflict, maybe you’re just not sure how to
disclose feelings in a relationship that is important to you, or maybe
you don’t know how to effectively listen to a child or parent.

Another suggestion is to make notes of topics discussed in your text
with which you can personally identify. For example, after reading the
text you may realize that you use language in unconventional ways,
possibly in detrimental ways. Or, after reading about nonverbal
communication, you realize that you misinterpret a friend’s facial
expressions a great deal.

Format of the paper

  • Each paper should be 3 – 5 pages long. Headings, title pages, and works cited pages do NOT count toward your page count.
  • Paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Each paper should include documentation of your source(s) – at a minimum, you should cite our textbook.
  • The paper should be double-spaced the paper with 12 point Time New Roman font.