Instructions Below. Analysis can be as long as you want but I believe it doesn’t need to be more than 2 paragraphs

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1.) 1. Go to the Ad * Access Digital Collection at the Duke University Libraries. Then, do the following:

a. Select an advertisement (ad) – you can choose to search for an ad by company, product, date, publication, subject, medium, headline, and/or audience.

b. Using the guidelines at Web Accessibility in Mind write “alternative text” for the image you’ve selected.

c. Then, analyze your selected ad for the four appeals – logos, pathos, ethos andkairos.

d. Organize your written analysis into sections, i.e., “Logos,” “Pathos,” “Ethos” and “Kairos.”

e. Include the URL/link to the image you’ve selected so that your peers are able to view the image you’ve analyzed.