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Discussion Question:

Have you ever sat down next to someone on a bus or an airplane and ended up telling them your life story? Or was it the other way around, where they were the one who disclosed information? What kind of disclosure was it—feelings disclosure, biographical disclosure, or both? Did you enjoy this situation, or did it make you feel uncomfortable? Why do some people feel comfortable disclosing so much personal information to others in this situation? Is this a uniquely American phenomenon, or do you think most other cultures act the same way?

Discussion Expectations :

  1. Divide your answers into their parts.
  2. Use bold headlines to separate the unique parts of each answer and complete the answer under the headline.
  3. Include references to your text. These references must include APA citations.
  4. Include personal observations, experiences, thoughts, examples and/or opinions related to the cited information.
  5. Upload your initial posting by the day 3 of the class week.