Information Security and Digital Crime and Terrorism, law homework help

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Read the article titled “Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in
Information Security”, located here. Be prepared to discuss.

Read the article titled “US Foreign Policy Challenges: Cyber Terrorism &
Critical Infrastructure”, located at
Be prepared to discuss.



From the first e-Activity, identify one to two (1-2) potential ethical
challenges that security professionals may face as technology advances,
applications become more mobile, and computer criminals become more innovative.
Speculate on one (1) solution that security professional could take in order to
mitigate the challenge(s) in question. Justify your response.

From the second e-Activity, among the three (3) definitions of cyber
terrorism, give your opinion as to the one (1) definition that is the most
accurate with regard to information security and infrastructure protection.
Next, describe the impact that digital crimes and digital terrorism are likely
to have in the future. Provide a rationale for your response.


Respond to following statement:

The main potential ethical challenge that I believe security professionals may face would be
Invasion of Privacy. For example, with the progression of technology also comes the
more number of people that are “Online”. So, when investigations
are going on, it’s not unusual for significantly large numbers of users to be activated
in the same overall area as the criminal. That could lead to a overflow of
information that is not pertaining to the current investigation or criminal

The one solution that I consider may work in the above situation is that when  criminal activity is recognized by security professionals, there should be some form of tracker or flag can be placed upon the direct line that is linked to the criminal activity and of course, if the line is not openly discoverable, then it may be difficult. Nevertheless, I think this
action would help to remove the increased chance of attacking other people’s privacy