Individual Simulation “Final” Essay

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Hello! This essay will be about the links simulation. please FAMILIARIZE yourself regarding what this simulation is about. My team finished 1st in this simulation so write in a positive tone!

Write a three-to-five page essay (word count of 1500-2000) on your simulation experience. Use 1.5 spacing and Arial 10 font. Focus on what you learned about strategy and strategic management from playing the simulation with your teammates.

(Grading will reward those who provide greater substantive insights into the perils and rewards of playing the simulation in a team context).

topics or areas you must discuss in in your essay:

  • Discuss how well the concepts and tools of strategic management did (or did not) apply to managing your company in the simulation.
  • For instance, did Porter’s five forces model provide practical guidance on how to better manage your company for success in the simulation?
  • Did the resource-based view (RBV) of the firm help (i.e., building resources and capabilities to achieve a sustainable advantage); if so, how so, or if not, why not?
  • Did any other strategic concepts, tools or frameworks (e.g., SWOT, PEST) provide practical guidance on managing your company more successfully?
  • Did the Porter or Mintzberg articles assigned from Harvard Business Review provide better guidance than the textbook chapters assigned? Or was reading the manual more closely the best preparation and guidance for success?
  • Finally, what advice would you give to future managers of your company, or to future students playing the LINKS simulation?

Use 1.5 spacing and Arial 10 font. Spell and grammar check as you normally would for any academic paper. If you want to follow a particular writing style guide (such as APA), please be consistent in your use of that style.