Include a mixture of simple, compound, and complex sentence types, Summary for the history

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Summary 3 Instructions

“Every story has two sides”

Choose one historical event you have studied in World History this summer. Summarize this event. Then give two good reasons why this event supports the quote above. Each of your reasons should have clear examples cited using APA format. Your summary should:

  1. Include a mixture of simple, compound, and complex sentence types

  2. Use academic writing style.  

  3. Have coherent paragraphs. This means that each paragraph should focus on one reason only.

  4. Use history-related vocabulary. This means that the keywords you use when describing the event should be the words Professor Scott provided.

Your summary should be one page and it should be written in Times New Roman 12 Point Font.

 the event i choice is about Ottoman Empire or Black Death or 13th Century World System