in a few sentences give feedback on the three post below

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in a few sentences give feedback to these three posts

Alberto Garcia


If I would’ve had the choice to decide whether or not I would learn my heritage language, I would have chosen the most obvious answer which is to learn my heritage language. In modern day, knowing multiple languages is a vital feature that many people look towards whether it retains to employment, comfortability, help and many other distinct reasons. Having the ability to be versatile, especially in the field of communication, is also a plus when being in the career path of Speech Language Pathology, because it allows you to be able to work with patients with speech disorders, who speak those languages , in a more efficient way.

An example of why knowing ones heritage language is viewed as beneficial, is because often times the language you may know can also be a language that many of the patients know, and bridge the gap of complete communication. As stated in the presentation provided, the phrase ‘Language Shift’ is part of the linguistic reality of the Latino population…”. This statement sums up that the Spanish language is a major language in the United States. With so many children also having to learn English in the U.S., it makes the task somewhat challenging of learning a completely new and foreign language all over again, and that is where the “Language Shift” and gap in communication begin.

Gabrielle Sierra

If I were given the option to learn my heritage language, I would definitely do it due to the importance of knowing how to speak more than one language. I am a Latino individual whose primary language is English and unfortunately knows very little Spanish. I’ve been exposed to the language enough to understand what is being said to me, but not enough for me to speak it. Many factors affected me learning to speak fluent Spanish, such as minimal exposure to the language due to living in an environment where English is the majority language.

In chapter 10, the author lists factors that can affect a child’s language skills. The first factor he mentioned was how “the sociolinguistic environment plays a critical role in the emergence”(Goldstein, pg. 196) of a language loss. In my case, I grew up in an Irish community where Spanish was not spoken at all. The only times I ever heard Spanish was from my parents and family members. Due to the minimal exposure from my family and community, I was unable to grasp the Spanish language. Another factor the author mentioned is how “the majority language is used for communication, especially in educational settings” (Goldstein, pg.196). Since English was the main language spoken in my elementary/middle school, I wasn’t able to speak or practice the Spanish language with any of my peers.

Due to the many Spanish courses Lehman offers to the students, I am taking the opportunity to learn my heritage language. Hopefully, with time and practice, I will become a fluent Spanish speaker!