​Identify ten topics from the Leadership text–Shriberg and Shriberg

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Identify ten topics from the Leadership text–Shriberg and Shriberg (preferably no more than two from any chapter,). What do you believe is significant about each concept? How might that concept be used/applied in your career/ employment/ working, going forward from here (especially in this newly changed and charged climate –covid 19; artificial intelligence–evolving; etc.) ?

Identify ten similar/parallel kinds of concepts from the Supervision text–Rue and byers,— as above

Identify Five concepts/issues/applications/etc. from our class/ session discussions — as above

Identify five concepts from your own research/ observations/experiences/etc.—- as above.

The focus is not on an exact listing from any of these sources , but rather a demonstration of your ability and intentionality to convert them into skills/insights/ capacities for your own leadership/ management/ supervision repertoire, going forward.