Identify public- and private-sector partner agencies and elected officials, unit 5 426 IP assignment help

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Assignment Details

  • Based upon feedback given by the instructor, revise your presentation of the group’s emergency response plan.
  • In addition to revising the presentation, address the following questions in 2–3 pages:
    • What were the most significant challenges that your group experienced while drafting the emergency response plan? Explain in detail.
    • How did your group overcome these challenges? Explain in detail.
    • What best practices do you think are essential for successful emergency response planning? Explain.
      • How were those best practices utilized in your group’s planning process? Explain.




This week’s group project required you to:

As a group, discuss and develop a paper of 8–10 pages that addresses the following questions. Work together to determine who will complete each section:

  • Who will comprise your planning committee? Explain.
    • Identify public- and private-sector partner agencies and elected officials (if any) that should serve on the planning committee.
  • What are the component parts of the plan (be specific and detailed)? Explain.
  • What participating agencies may be more or less involved in which parts of the plan development? Explain.
  • Are there subject matter experts (SMEs) or other entities that should be involved in any one specific area of the plan development? Explain.
  • Based upon the emergency management concept of incident management that includes the phases of preparedness and mitigation, response, and recovery, identify the actions that will need to be taken in each phase as they relate to the hazard you have selected.
    • Identify the major challenges that the community and responders will encounter when responding to the hazard.
    • What solutions exist (e.g., mutual aid, contract services) to overcome those challenges? Explain in detail.
    • What should be the short- and long-term recovery goals of the community following this event’s occurrence?

While group project in an online learning environment can be difficult to accomplish, your group project turned out very well. The paper flowed well, was very well organized, and easy to read. The table of contents and headers really helps guide your readers to each topic. Your group successfully addressed each question. I found your group’s idea to incorporate corporate CEOs an interesting approach. The challenges you addressed were appropriate. As we have previously discussed, disaster management is often the central weakness in any response plan. The inability to effectively manage a crisis breaks down communication and facilitates poor asset distribution. Your group properly identified this challenge, as well as the need for an Incident Command System.Great job on the APA format. If you have any questions, please let me know.