identified fourteen separate leadership functions, business and finance homework help

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  • Please answer these questions. Ensure your answers are comprehensive; probably close to a page for each question.
  • Gary Yukl (2002), Wall, and Lepsinger identified fourteen separate leadership functions. List each separately and describe these functions. Focus on three of them that appear to be the most important in terms of producing leadership success that would be able to help you from a career perspective. Explain your reasoning.
  • Research suggests that leaders who are more interpersonally-oriented and those who use more participative styles in particular have followers with higher levels of satisfaction and morale. Is this true or false and what makes this the case in your opinion?
  • Review three general factors that have been the focus of researchers’ attention regarding who becomes defined as a leader. Search the Internet for “organization leadership”. Report on what you find and cite your reference with the complete link.
  • Describe the “big five” personality characteristics given in this Module. Does the possession of these characteristics necessarily guarantee leadership effectiveness? Why or why not?
  • 5.Identify the type of leadership style that you are most personally comfortable with along with the name of a leader that typifies this style. How would the leadership style you most closely respond to affect organizational behavior in a large food manufacturing company like Nabisco with hundreds of employees?