i need someone to write me research paper ?

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i need someone to write me a research paper on this topic ( will the separation of boys and girls in schools effect their performances) here are some guidelines :

– the paper has to be 1000 – 1200 words.

– at least 7 cited sources from at least 3 different media.

-at least 2 of those should be books.

– acceptable sources from the internet would be .net,org,.edu,gov

-you may use newspapers,videos,podcasts,

-you paper must include numerous in-text citations and 3-5 direct quotes,only one of those quotes may be 40 words long.

– please provide the link of the information you will get from the internet .

– the paper must be in MLA format.

– paraphrasing  is required.

– don’t use complicated words 

thank you so much,