I need help with a philosophy assignment

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Hi I’m currently writing a philosophical dialogue for a college ethics course. The dialogue is of two philosophers (I chose Immanuel Kant and Ayn Rand) discussing which moral framework is the most correct. In the paper the philosophers must discuss their ethical theory. In order to conclude which moral framework is the most correct I need to have 2-3 examples that the philosophers use to analyze moral theories. The examples have to be “thought experiments.” My professor has given us some “thought experiments” in lectures, but he has never used them for the two ethical theories (Ethical Egoism/Objectivism and Deontology) that I have chosen for my paper. I have tried researching online “deontology thought experiments” and “ethical egoism thought experiments,” but haven’t had any luck. Should all ethical theories be able to be tested by the same thought experiment? For example my professor gave us the trolley example involving hedonism and what decision a hedonist would make in that particular situation. Should I be able to use that same thought experiment and come up with what a deontologist or ethical egoist would do in that situation? Or is that Situation not aplliable to deontology and ethical egoism?