I need essay and respond for the forum

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  • Post a 200-400 word reflection that shares with the class what you learned or how you developed as a writer so far this semester. Be sure to be specific about particular writing skills or practices that you will carry forward into new rhetorical situations in the future.
  • Support your claims about what you learned with evidence from your actual drafts this semester. You can explain or quote them!
  • Respond to two classmates’ posts:
    • Explain what you found meaningful or insightful in their posts
    • Build on and expand their insights or ideas about the writing

Grading Criteria

This Reading Response Discussion Board is worth 25 points.

  • 15 points
    • You posted a 200-400 word response to the essay
  • 10 points
    • You posted responses to two classmates’ posts


Wednesday 11/20

Reflection Essay
Introduction to the Essay

Reflection Essay Reading

Create Reflection DB Post

Saturday 11/23

Reply to two Reflection DB Posts


Wednesday 12/2

Reflection Essay
Polishing the Essay
Submit Argument Essay Rough Draft to Brainfuse and Submit Feedback to Blackboard When Received
Saturday 12/7 Submit Reflection Essay Final Draft