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Should people be further penalized after they have paid their debt to society?Why or why not?With the cost of keeping a person in prison, should states begin to establish private prisons?What would be the benefit other than cost?Explain your position.

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First Reply

God does not judge no one, so why should humans. According to Smith (2012) private vs public run correctional facilities, one many come to the conclusion that private run facilities, are no more cost saving effective or safe then a state run facility. Evidence suggests that lower staff levels and training at private facilities may lead to increases in incidences of violence and escapes. A nationwide study found that assaults on guards by inmates were 49 percent more frequent in private prisons than in government-run prisons. The same study revealed that assaults on fellow inmates were 65 percent more frequent in private prison (Austin, Conventry, 2001). A crime is done,  person is sentence to jail , they complete the time which is called “paid debt  to society”  . The victim might not feel that they have “paid their debt to them” But who are we to judge man. An ex-convict might have a hard time  in jail and they are free now they will have a harder time in society why finding a job, getting their life back to which we call a normal life working , family and enjoyment. However an ex-convict is label for the rest of their life is that fair?  


J. Austin and G. Coventry, “Emerging Issues on Privatized Prisons,” Bureau of Justice Assistance, February 2001.

 Adrian /smith (2011),http://www.corrections.com/news/article/30903-private-vs-public-facilities-is-it-cost-effective-and-safe-


Second Reply



I think that once a prisoner has served his or her time and is released back into society that their debt is paid and they should no longer be penalized. I think once someone leaves prison their life will no longer be the same. They have issues finding housing and jobs and most are no longer allowed to vote and depending on how long they were incarcerated they are not as advance on technology as they should be so they are already penalized enough I think they should no longer owe any debts. 

I do not think that states should establish private prisons; private prison is a for-profit prison in which individuals are incarcerated by a third party that enters into contractual agreements with government. When a business is privatized and money is involved the focus shifts from rehabilitation to profit and then a whole other problem comes into play. By allowing prisons to become private, the prison populations will double or even triple. There will be more incentive to lock up individual and prisons depend on this income. They are proven to be less safe and inferior in preparing the people to reenter the workforce because the lack the programs and resources and Essential government education and training programs for prisoners have proved difficult to replicate and outsource in the private sector.  (“Us Justice Department Announces It Will End Use Of Private Prisons”, 2016). 

US justice department announces it will end use of private prisons. (2016). Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/aug/18/us-government-private-prisons-use-justice-department


Third Reply


Should people be further penalized after they have paid their debt to society? Why or why not? With the cost of keeping a person in prison, should states begin to establish private prisons? What would be the benefit other than cost? Explain your position


 ‘The aim of imprisonment is to prevent crime and enhance community safety by removing offenders from the public sphere and deterring potential offenders, as well as meeting society’s need for reparation and retribution for crimes committed (Healey, 2011). People should not be further penalized after they have paid their debt to society. Punishment in prison often leads to rehabilitation and once a person has done the time that the judge appointed they deserve a second chance at life. Private prisons can be a good thing according to Healey (2011) “Given the right incentives, private prisons might be able to actually teach the public sector a few lessons on how to run a great rehabilitation program”. According to Healey (2011) “One way to run a private jail would be to contract for the outcomes that matter most. For example, why not pay bonus payments for every prisoner who holds down a job after release, and does not re-offend.”




Healey, J. (2011). The Crime and Punishment Debate. Thirroul, N.S.W.: Spinney Press.



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