Human Services: Career interest- Youth Worker, management homework help

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Create a 5-7 PowerPoint that addresses self awareness of specific career interest in human services (Youth Worker). Use the following as a guide in the creation of the PPT.

  • What area of human services would you be most interested (Youth Worker). Think about the special population and distinct settings. ex., homeless youth, group home, education programs
  • What assets and values do you bring to the profession?
  • What area of human services least interests you? (sex offenders)
  • What personal or professional characteristics do you feel to improve on in order to become a human service worker? (Training and Knowledge, Diversity, & Courage)
As human services professional practicing in the field, it is vital to know which social welfare programs could help clients. Briefly discuss how social welfare programs have helped many people. Discuss how community organizing can bring about social change.
Format in APA 2 references