Human Service History Project related to poverty in Family and human services class

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Human Service History Project: The goal of this project is to help students connect how current services offered for your target issue have been informed by historical contexts and the cultural values that have existed throughout time. You are responsible for creating an integrated visual/text project summarizing the history of human services for a particular issue, from at least the 1800s to current practices. This project can be delivered in a range of formats, such as a website, blog, a video, a PowerPoint, a graphic novel or other appealing visual/text formats. Please feel free to be creative! Keep in mind that you will not be formally presenting your project and that all the information should be easily conveyed to a single viewer without you present. Be sure to have your project available in a way that will allow you to present it to peers in an informal manner.A few projects will also be presented to the whole class, but this is an optional experience.

Example on what i need and rubric are all attached