HS-310 article analysis of Matthew Sherman’s a short history of financial deregulation in the united states

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Matthew Sherman’s A Short History of Financial Deregulation in the United States provides an interesting look and perspective on what past regulation and deregulation have done to the financial industry.

Write an essay in which you first, from a historical perspective, analyze what Sherman is trying to say about regulation and deregulation over time. Sherman contrasts “old” regulation to deregulation. How does he specifically do so? What did he feel was successful in “old” regulations that went woefully wrong in the era of deregulation? What does he see, from his point of view, were the elements that caused the financial collapse of 2008-2009? What would he advocate to prevent such a calamity from happening again? Substantiate with textual reference in your discussion to support yourself. Then take a position on the following statement: “Regulation and deregulation are equally responsible for the financial meltdown that occurred in 2008 and 2009.” Defend or refute the above statement again with appropriate evidence and citations from the article to support your assertions and position adequately.