HRMN 406 Week 4 Please respond to Twanna Topic 2

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Topic 2 – Twanna

Actions for ‘Topic 2 – Twanna’

Created by Twanna Edwards on Apr 6, 2016 2:40 PM


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As a part of my introduction to
the training I would emphasize to the employees need to understand
training and its importance to the organization as a whole.  Knowing
that there exists a wide range of employees with different ethnic and
cultural backgrounds I would ensure that is done in a way that will help
to overcome the cultural differences when it comes to learning. The
motivation to do well is not automatic for everyone, I would make sure
my planning and preparation includes all the employees to ensure both
the employees and the company benefits from the training

I would survey the different learning styles such as:

  • Visual – need to “see” what they are learning.
  • Auditory – need to “hear” the information and facts.
  • Kinesthetic – hands-on training and learning by doing.  This also
    includes taking notes or writing down the important parts or steps of a

I would attempt to not only utilize the classroom, but include online
or self-paced options. In addition I would solicit experiences,
knowledge, and input from the group, I would even go as far as
soliciting that someone facilitate the class to make them feel that
their contributions and they themselves are accepted.

I believe Training should always leave employees feeling more
competent, accomplished and feeling comfortable enough to make a mistake
and not feel judged because of their background or ethnicity.